Holistic Digestive System Intensive - Foundational Course


Come and join me for this value-packed Holistic Digestive System Intensive. This is my foundational course and is designed to give you a true 360c global Holistic journey into health, digestive function, and how it links to the skin and other body systems. It is the prerequisite for all my courses to follow.

This deep dive will gift you well-rounded understandings of

  • Holistic treatment - what does this truly mean?

  • Global wellness economy, and influences in chronic disease

  • Chronic illness in Australia and the determinants of health

  • Habits, empathy, and the difference education makes

  • Digestive system - phases of digestion, anatomy, and physiology, disorders

  • Digestive epithelial barrier system and immune function

  • Microbiome and Virome

  • Stress response and impact of HPA axis on other body systems

  • Breathing - pollution, heart rate variability, breath connection, brain waves

  • Water - consumption across life stages, lymphatic system function, Dr. Emoto water studies, pH

  • Sleep - circadian rhythms, effects of artificial light, temperature

  • Food - nutrients, pH, dietary diversity, sugar, effects of alcohol, emotions, mindfulness, organic vs pesticide, glyphosate, the soil microbiome

  • Connection - social isolation/loneliness, social media, relationships and their impact on health

  • Nervous system - divisions (CNS, ANS, SNS, PSNS), Enteric Nervous System, neurotransmitters

  • Vagal nerve activity and why this is so imperative as part of your treatment protocols



Chakra Exploration Course


You'll love this if you are ready to dive into - perhaps for the first time, perhaps just deeper than before -  the places within you where your soul consciousness is meeting and flowing (or not!) with your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects.


This course provides a doorway into enhanced self-awareness, mindfulness and a journey into self-mastery to allow you to monitor your own Chakra system and internal balance, or imbalance.

8 Lessons  ONLY $222

Holistic Skin Consultation

Take your consultations to a new level of expertise with this course on how, what and why to do in your skin consultations.


I will cover:​

  • what information you need to get from your client before you begin​

  • what questions to ask to get deeper into the issue

  • topics to touch on

  • scripts for your explanation on the digestive system, your internal systems that effect your skin

  • treatment options and when to direct to allied health practitioners

  • warning signs - what not to treat!


Coming mid 2021

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