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Rewire your Nervous System

Learn about your nervous systems, how and why they act and interact, and tangible tools we can all use on a daily basis to create SPACE and ROOM in our nervous system for attunement, calibration, processing emotions in a resourceful way, for growth and development on all scales and levels of being...

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Meet Pia

Multi-award winning skin therapist & holistic educator, industry leader and Naturopath.

Hi I'm Pia,


I am a women on a mission to empower you to change the way you think, live and treat!

Every single part of you is intimately connected. This means the energy part of you AND the physical part of you.


My entire adult life, and I am in my early 40s now, I have delved deep into learning about the human body, our energy body, and the human psyche. I have travelled all over the world, learning and gathering information from amazing masters. 


I have worked as a skin therapist for over 25 years and use the principles of corneotherapy to improve the skins' look, feel and function. My investment in education includes a Bachelor Health Science Naturopathy Degree, 200hr Feminine Embodiment Yoga Teacher Training, NLP Practitioner Training, Functional Nutrition, Qi Gong, Reiki and Mindfulness amongst many others.


What people are saying

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"The course content has allowed me to look beyond the anatomy and physiology of the skin and ultimately understand the skin from a holistic perspective. Pia's heart centred approach has been very encouraging as it has allowed me to feel comfortable to ask questions, engage in discussions and to ask for help when needed.

I have also highly appreciated Pia's ability to make complex scientific concepts easy to understand and relatable to my practice as a Skin Therapist.

—  Kathleen Klassman, Soul Awaken Skin Therapies

(Holistic Digestive System Intensive Graduate)

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I cannot wait to share with you the workings of the human body and how it relates to skin! Look out for updates about when you can train with me. 

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